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How the Future Of Work looks like?

PowerlyAI sustainable Hiring

The future of work will bring new emerging technologies and different work styles into the work eco-system. Its either the way you work remotely, the technologies or software that you are going to use while working from home, the infrastructure facilities that will fuel this remote work or the various technical or soft skills required to handle such a change are paramount in nature.

Imagine, we have been working in a certain way traditionally and now the whole world is moving into a different trajectory all together expecting us to behave in a certain way. While doing this, some people will not be able to adapt and some will quickly change and survive. These new skills need to be taught.


Artificial Intelligence” is going to be the key factor that will disrupt everything in our lives along with our jobs and workplace.


Are we ready to take this CHALLENGE?

Why Sustainable Practices are so critical in today's world?

When we define sustainability in its true terms, we say that it is such an important word which gives power to people to satisfy their own needs without compromising the potential abilities of future generations to meet their needs. It also says that we need to form a balance between Society, Economy and Environment.


This idea applies to everything and HR is no different.

What is Sustainable Hiring?

Traditionally, decision makers hired people from diverse cultures and societies, but they hardly had a focus on making this process sustainable. It means there must be a hiring process which should be fair and ethical in nature keeping in mind the employee data security, gender equality and other inequalities in the society.


We are talking about “Ethical AI these days, which is crucial in the human resources sector too. Irrespective of whatever use cases you have, the AI should be ethical enough to take unbiased decisions on its own powered by and monitored by human being. So, we call this process to be “Human in Loop” technology system. We can not leave the decision making to AI rather it should be accompanied by a real person who will then monitor everything.


The technological landscape with a chatbot-agnostic AI solution:


Most of the transformation happens when you can play around data and bring it to the uses for the society. With specific to HR, the conversations which are taking place creates huge amount of data that can be leveraged to take key decisions across the board. The conversations are either in the form of text or voice. Our aim is to leverage data and use it for people good.