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HR is undergoing a drastic change in last couple of years. Once considered a support department now responsible for supporting the business growth and help the company board executives to take strategic decisions at the top.

How can organizations adapt to a digital change?

How can organizations use digital tools and apps to provide solutions to employees?

This needs a digital thought process which can be scaled across the organizations.

What your organization should do?

Re-imagining your mission: HR today must define its role as the team that helps management and employees rapidly transform and adapt to the digital way of thinking. Familiarize yourself with networked organization structures, organizational network analysis, and digital leadership models.


Modernize your technology: Replace old systems with new technologies and tools such as cloud platforms and other digital tools. Bring easy systems for your employees to use.


Build a technology strategy: The organization should adopt a yearlong strategy that includes digital solutions, useful mobile apps, and AI.


Building a digital HR team: Develop a team having digital skills inside HR department. An HR professional with digital and design skills will know how the system is going to change and its impact. So, it is better to either train the existing HR team OR hire a team having digital skills so that they can talk to suitable vendors and help the organization implementing the solutions. HR professionals should re-think, re-design and re-innovate the HR model and visualise its large impact.


Innovation being core to HR: Organizations should be able to reinvent their HR practices. They should identify intrapreneurs inside the organizations who can share more innovative ideas that can be put into practice. Organizations should consider innovation, passion as fundamentals and core to the business strategy.


Switch roles: Organizations should switch and shuffle roles in between departments, give HR opportunities to business staff and vice versa. Organizations should encourage their staffs to learn technology and analytics, always search for people internally or outside who possess such skills.


Benchmark: Best innovative ideas and practices come from best minds. Organizations should visit outside and learn from other companies what they are innovating and how. This gives the leaders an overview of what best is happening around to compare and perform.